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Fri, Sep. 9th, 2005, 08:50 pm
thecolin1: The ghost rider

Yeah, yeah, I know; it's just 'ghost rider' without the 'the' but it feels like it should have a 'the' in front of it. The first issue has a definite slow-burner feel to it but with the combination of Garth Ennis's ability to switch effortlessly between legendary story-teller mode and modern day comics scene writer and Clayton Crain's beautifully powerful glimpses of Blaze as the titular Ghost Rider, this is without doubt a modern classic in the making.

"There's a tale they tell in the darkest depths of the pit" opens the comic with Garth on familiar ground. The story moves briskly along with the efficient introduction of the main players and the background of Blaze and the ghost rider being neatly filled in by the two angels who are setting the upcoming events of the series into motion.

Criticisms? The dvices being set up are perhaps a tad too familiar for longtime readers of Ennis with definite echoes of his 'Hellblazer' , ' The Demon', ' Preacher' and 'Hitman' storylines but nothing so outstandingly grating that it gets in the way of what looks to be a mere launch-pad for a sensationally enjoyable romp. The art suffers from over-digitisation in places looking a tad too rendered but this is a minor quibble and one which I am thinking will disappear as ther series progresses.

So overall, a title I would definitely reccommend. Also, don't forget that the long awaited Essential Ghost Rider is coming up either next week or shortly thereafter- a must-have for fans of 1970's Marvel Horror Comics and a nice set-up for the curent series to give you plenty of cheesy back-story action.