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Sat, Sep. 10th, 2005, 02:07 am
thecolin1: Villains United

Gail Simone is really excelling on the DC 'Infinite Crisis' tie-in series ( well, yeah, so and okay, what ISN'T tied in right now at Dc??!!), issue 5 (of 6) which just came out yesterday. A series which I picked up originally on a whim has turned out to be one of the best written (and beautifully illustrated as well) comics in the DCU for quite some time now. Outstanding is the portrayal of Catman but all the characters are deftly handled with just the right amount of humor intermingled into sharp and realistic dialogue.

Well worth picking up as a good solid intriguing read. This HAS to lead for bigger things for Catman at least and most likely some of the other chars involved in here.