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Sat, Oct. 15th, 2005, 09:45 am
thecolin1: Infinite Toothpaste

Just finished reading 'Infinite Crisis' first issue- DC's big huge event series of the year and whilst it was enjoyable enough for what it was in the story itself, there was no way I would have predicted the ending. That left me sitting there going..uhhhh...wtf and where the f**k did that come from?!!

I'll post this bit under a spoiler for those of you who haven't read it yet (and it is worthe reading, unlike the creakingly boring and now confusing 'house of M')

So the last page of IC #1 has the golden age superman and the silver age superboy along with golden age lois lane and silver age Earth III ALexander Luthor smash through a wall separating their new pocket universe reality from the modern day dc . Lots of people, myself included, were wondering how the original Crisis on Infinite Earths tied in with this and this revalation gives us some intriguing ideas. In the original Crisis, all the parallel universes that made up the DC multiverse were discovered to be unstable and were changed at the dawn of time so as to make one stable universe and timeline out of what had been many. Or at least that was the intent.

At the end of Crisis, all the worlds were gone except for a new amalgamated one that had all the post-crisis series launched off of it. But the original Superman, the silver-age Superboy, the Original Lois Lane and the Earth III Alexander Luthor all survived in the biggest dangling plot thread ever. When we last saw them they buggered off somewhere unknown in space.

And now they are watching the events unfold in 'our' universe and finally decide to intervene and 'cross over' to the other plain of reality. So the question is where are DC going with this? Is this a way to finally close off the one dangling plot thread? Or are they going to keep the 'new' heroes around and perhaps revisit the concept of the original silver-age multiverse at the end of the cosmic black hole threat?

Will it turn out that the universe needed all the different parallel worlds to survive? And that the instabilities that have plagued it since the crisis and zero hour were actually caused by the lack of a multiversal matrix ?

Or are they just using the supermen, lois and Alex as fun guest-stars which they will then either kill or get rid of at the end of the series? Hmmm. I'm not sure but I am looking forward to the next few issues to see where they are going with this.

As for the rest of the first issue, a bit over-brutal for the sake of it with the Freedom Fighters being wiped out a bit gratuitously and Bizarro being used in a too-dark context. The Justice League stuff was interesting as was Nightwing trying to cope with two million Omac sentinels flying around.

I bought the fantastic collection of short comic strips called 'Toothpaste for dinner', def check it out next time you're in Barnes & Noble or Borders or your local comics shop- fantastic stuff in a beautiful little package. Hilarious anecdotal stories with wonderful drawings.