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Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2005, 01:35 pm
thecolin1: Spider-clone

Yes, it's Captain controversy here teaming up with Colonel Continuity to bring you the news and views on all the latest shakedowns and shenanigans in the wild, wonderful and wilfull wacky world of four-color comics. Today, we're looking at a controversial item that appeared in Newsarama this week which, prompted by the hints and clues and teases being dropped by Marvel over the current red-hot 'The other' storyline flaming through the Spiderman books right now and for a couple more months. The third part of the 12 part saga was so hot that it's been reprinted twice already and the sneaky bastards at Marvel have reprinted the issue with different costumed spidermen on the cover.


Now, the first costume was presumably just a cool graphic, being the ultra-sleek black alien symbiote costume from the 1980's. But the second one has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons with the use of the Ben Reilly, Spider-Clone costume. There had already been talk of a re-appearance of the Spider-clone in the Marvel Universe, said talk which was recently bolstered by Brian Michael Bendis' talk of the use of the spider-clone in upcoming issues of Ultimate Spiderman.

Given that the current spidey saga is 'evolve or die' and mentions this mysterious 'the other', naturally the clone comes to mind.

A lot of readers moan and groan about the clone saga which played out during the 1990's but it had some fantastic high points and wonderful ideas, not to mention the wonderful character of Ben Reilly himself and his own supporting cast which were unfairly dumped by the wayside when enough whining fans demanded a return to the status quo.

For those of you confused or not aware of the original clone story in the 1970's and the 1990's follow-up, here is an excellent series of articles on it that will set you straight.


My own personal opinion is that having the clone around is a great idea. If they had toned down the amount of other clones running around and nixed the idea that Peter was the clone and Ben was the original, there wouldn't have been such an outcry. The character of Ben Reilly himself was a relief and a great throwback to the Peter Parker of old who had been lost in one too many dark winding horror-filled psychological twisted storylines ( hi, J M DeMatteis).

Whatever happens with the current 'evolve or die' schtick, we can at least hold out hope that Ben Reilly will be back at some stage. I think that there are too many books for Spiderman to sustain and at least one of those could be given over to the spider-clone for a whole different flavor of spider-action every month.