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Wed, Aug. 31st, 2005, 12:51 am
thecolin1: The ballad of Halo Jones

Ostensibly a three volume collection of stories of Halo Jones' life, the series is one of those rare comics that makes you care deeply about the people and the situation.

The protagonist, Ms Halo Jones is not anyone special but rather our eyes and ears to a whole new culture. Halo insists she is nothing extraordiny but just someone caught in circumstances.

More on this when I'm awake.

Mon, Aug. 29th, 2005, 08:26 am
thecolin1: Alex Ross- Arch Cock

Oh My God, what a dumb shit! I had heard rumors about Alex Ross before and especially how he acted towards Colleen Doran and how many comic book pros won't have anything to do with him. But then reading his current interview in Wizard (yeah,yeah, shut up, there's not much alternative) I'm struck by how much of a screehing whiny fanboy he sounds like. JMS introduced Gwen Stacy's kids in Amazing Spiderman so Alex throws a bitch fit and disposes of the entire JMS run. He says to the Wizard interviewer, in best Tom Cruise vs Matt Lauer fashion, that JMS didn't know Gwen Stacy, HE DIDN"T KNOW HER, MAN!

Also the fact that his work has become boring as fuck with his latest JLA project making me want to do nothing so much as go to the bathroom and read two pages of it, before using the remainder to read at some future date if I ever get through the Bed,bath and beyond catalogue currently perched on top of the toilet.

It's like reading an interview with a demented five year old. Or a really old republican.

Just two days until Essential X-Men vol:6 which has all that good mutant massacre stuff and some good individual issues, especially the first few Magneto with the x-men issues and the battle with the Hellfire Club.

Geoff Johns final issue of 'The Flash' (#225) comes out this week, I think. I'm totally looking forward to this one with both reverse Flashes and the cliffhanger of Barry Allen appearing as Wally is dragged into the future.

'Jack Cross' is the usual good stuff from Warren Ellis- go read it if you haven't already- looks set to be an intriguing series dealing with today's topical stories in the usual entertaining and innovative Ellis fashion.

Sat, Aug. 27th, 2005, 06:20 pm
thecolin1: Upcoming

All the brou-hahaha concerning the summer shenanigans with 'Prelude to Infnite Crisis' and 'The House of (yawn) M' will of course be swept away by the fall lines from both companies. Dc rolls up it's sleeves and stops fucking around by finally 'fessing up and giving us the actual 'Identity Crisis' and then following it up with the two hit sensation of left hook 'One year later' and the upper hook of '52' catching us unaware as we've leaned over to watch Marvel's fantastic Squadron Supreme being relaunched in two books initially, one for Hyperion and one for Night-hawk.

Yes we are excited. I'm excited about no more House of Mongo which just put me into a deep depression when looking at it. The actualy story is okay but it's been done before and so much better- Brian Bendis can do and deserves much better material than this crap.

I'm very exicted about Garth Ennis doing 'Ghost Rider' and could only have been more excited if it had been Steve Dillon or the mighty Frank Quitely doing the art. To continue all things flaming motorcyclish, Marvel smiles upon me and has collected the first segment of the magnificent original series into a huge essential volume. If I haven't mentioned before how much I love the Essential range, then consider this a mention. They're huge, they're handy, they're inexpensive and they look good on shelves. My essential X-men volumes are personal treasures and I'm eagerly anticipating the Ghost Rider collection as well as the Original X-Factor (very difficult to find the originals anymore) which was not particularly good in it's first few issues but soon took off and became one of the best mutant books in the MU.

And of course, 'Freakshow' from my good friend Rob Curley at Atomic Diner. Support Irish comics, buy 'Freakshow'. It's a wonderful mixture of L.A. noir detective mixed with the sleazy attraction of old Hollywood and with a dash of comics ridiculousness thrown in for good measure. My own 'Churchill Unplugged' Series is at Atomic Diner if myself and the artist can ever get in contact again.

And I've decided to go with a four story sampler for my initial offering from my own Imagine-Nation Imprint. So I'm trying to recruit artists to get involved with that.

Fri, Aug. 26th, 2005, 07:54 pm
thecolin1: Artists Needed

I need artists for projects either to be published by me under one of my Imagine-Nation or thecolin1 central imprints or as an extant comic book by Atomic Diner.

Contact me. I need artists who are original, able to work under deadlines, hungry to succees, willing to work with me as a team.

Anyone who reads this- feel free to post it up wherever artists may see it and respond.

Wed, Aug. 24th, 2005, 09:19 pm
thecolin1: This week in comics.

Hi all. Just a brief one to start this off.

Go buy 'Brief History of Violence' that's being reissued by DC this week to tie in with the upcoming big-star movie. The story written by John Wagner and illustrated by Vince Locke was outstanding- a stunning example of an Original Graphic Novel that DC originally published some 10 years ago under their short-lived and much missed PARADOX PRESS, an imprint also responsible for 'The Road to Perdition' .

It's being reissued in the now familiar (through the proliferation of Manga) paperback book size, this OGN is a great read, a great buy and will look good on your shelf. PLus it's a mature, well-written story that shos us how good comics can be when we try something different and thus needs our support.

Defenders # 2 came out this week. The first issue was Keith Giffen and J M DeMatteis smiriking it up with the ever-excellent Kevin McGuire continuing to draw the goofiest superheroes and the sexiest women ever seen on a comics page. Whilst not up to new uber-comic genius Dan Slott's standards, it's worth a read for the irreverence with which the usual crowd of Bwah-ha-ha merchants treat the Marvel Universe.

Oooohhh, Infinite Crisis, you tease me you petulant little bitch. Stop teasing and start delivering. I mean it.

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